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Hospital Management

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Hospital Management

From the days when medical practitioners had limited drugs and resources to treat their patients and when the patients had to rely on treatment of some of the specific diseases abroad, today Hospitals in India have undergone a revolutionary change in terms of availability of drugs, equipment’s and new techniques. This changing scenario in the field of medicine and treatment has compelled the medical institutions to upgrade their establishments in terms of facilities, equipment’s, drugs and trained staff. This in turn has made it difficult to manage, maintain and use the facilities at the institutions efficiently and effectively. We propose to offer a solution to all your management problems through the use of computers which will ensure smooth and instantaneous excess to any information (updated to the last minute) required by you. The software can be operated under Windows 9x or Windows NT or Novel Netware (Novel, Windows 9x, Windows NT and Computers do not form a part of the proposal). The essence of the proposed software is in its offering an Inter-linked and coordinated setup of all services and facilities available at the hospital. With the assurance that the proposed software will be user-friendly, easy to use and will not require specially trained staff in the field of computers, will also help in smooth and efficient working of your institution and at the same time cut down the operating cost.

Note : The details mentioned in the following pages are outline, only indicative at this stage. They are therefore, subject to modifications after detailed discussions.

  • Patients Data (all details of In-door, O.P.D, Day-Care and Out-door patients are recorded for immediate and future use by the hospital)
  • Medico legal and Cases For Casualty (a detailed record of all medico legal and casualty cases can be maintained to help coordinate the legal aspects attached to such cases based on the forms provided for coverage)
  • Patients Diagnostic Procedures and effectiveness (all diagnostic procedures, past and present, invasive and non- invasive, diet recommendation and effectiveness of treatment will be recorded for reference at a glance to help coordinate medical and Para-medical efforts)
  • Room Occupancy (details of room occupancies and change of room by the patient)
  • Detailed Billing (all transactions pertaining to advance received, room charges, indoor medicine utilization, pharmacy, bold bank, tests performed, consultants fees, ambulance charges, kitchen, canteen bill etc., will all be considered for the final billing)
  • Medicine Directory (a medicine directory is maintained to record the salt combination which helps in finding its alternatives)
  • Consultants Salaries (all charges recoverable from or payable to the consultants are recorded and can assist the accounts department in recovery/payments which can also be linked with opd and administration billing)
  • Consultants Duties and Visit Schedule (Time schedule and availability of all the consultants will be recorded on a weekly Basis)
  • Staff Positioning (Availability of staff on a day to day basis can be provided to assist and coordinate various functions of the hospital)
  • Ambulance Services (detail of ambulance services provided are maintained to coordinate proper billing and utilization)
  • Critical Areas (Special emphasis is given to critical areas like intensive care, o.t and casualty to ensure proper and effective utilization of the special services and staff with all its requirements)
  • In-house Inventory (Complete inventory available at the store of the hospital including drugs, dispensary, equipments, hardware, sanitary items, stationary and all other miscellaneous items will be maintained giving at a glance position of availability of any item)
  • Purchases (Purchases of all items along with their bill passing and approval will be maintained to check duplicate and/or excess payments)
  • I.C.U, Intensive Care and Casualty Inventory (Separate inventory will be maintained for the above mentioned special services to ensure proper availability of essential and lifesaving drugs)
  • Fixed letter formats for correspondence and tests
  • Personnel and Payrolls (All aspects of employees salary will be covered along with the statutory returns to be filed at the E.S.I and E.P.F offices like salary slip, payment register, monthly P.F and E.S.I returns form 12a, 10 and 5, annual E.P.F returns form 3a and 6a, bi-annual E.S.I returns form 6 and 7, complete leave management, loan management, over time payments, shifts and income tax deductible)
  • (Correspondence of fixed nature like: letter of appointment of consultants, lab and x-ray reports, blood format, tariff etc. will also be provided)
  • Chemist Shop Management (Complete Chemist Shop Management integrated with Hospital Management and Financial Accounts, to keep a track of the complete chemist shop inventory, medicines issued to the In-door patients / Consumption by the hospital and Cash sales)
  • Daily job reminder (A list of day to day maintenance and administration jobs done and pending will be maintained to ensure effective working of every department and a comfortable stay for the patients)
  • Telephone services (A telephone directory for reception use can be maintained for reference at the Reception counter)
  • Financial Accounting (Covering Voucher maintenance, daily and monthly Books, Account Ledgers, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit and loss statement, accounts payable and receivable)
  • Proposed Reports

Hospital and patients

  • Patient record with past treatment history
  • Medico legal case details
  • Room occupancy status
  • Directives to test departments along with a list of tests to be performed for the day
  • Final bill
  • Canteen bill
  • Medicine directory
  • Consultant payments for a period
  • Consultants availability chart
  • Staff availability chart
  • Ambulance service details
  • I.C.U. O.T, casualty admission station along with a detail of the treatment being
    administered to the patient.
  • Maintenance job reminder
  • Telephone directory

Personnel and Payrolls

  • Salary slip
  • Payment register (cash, cheque, bank and record)
  • Bank transfer salary statement and vouchers
  • E.P.F monthly returns – form 12A, form 10 and Form 5
  • E.P.F annual returns – form 3A and form 6A
  • E.S.I monthly return
  • E.S.I bi-annual returns – form 6 and form 7
  • Loan recovery register
  • Attendance register – form 12
  • Leave records and M.I.S reports on man hour utilization
  • Bonus payment register
  • Tax Deduction statement
  • Overtime payment check-list
  • Overtime payment register
  • Shift register
  • Blank register for monthly data updating
  • Employee growth path and employment history
  • Record correction sheet.

Pharmacy Counter
(Complete stock, credit, cash, and hospital issues)

  • Daily sale for Cash / Credit / Hospital etc.,
  • Stock Position
  • Expiry Statement
  • Re-order level
  • Profitability

(Separately for Store, I.c.u/Casualty/O.t and Canteen)

  • check list of all inventory transactions for the period
  • Priced Stock ledger
  • Party stock ledger
  • Purchase order
  • purchase order status
  • Party wise received / issued summary
  • Item wise received / issued summary
  • Un-passed challans
  • F.S.N analysis
  • Provision for payments to be made

Financial Accounts

  • Check list of all transactions for a period
  • Day books (cash, bank, journal etc.,)
  • General ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and loss
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Bill tracking
  • Account list
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